Wednesday, April 22, 2015

How to Make a Race Director Almost Pee Her Pants!!

We have a storage unit where we keep all of our race stuff; cones, tents, tables, banners, PA system, generators.... You know the type of space I am talking about, cramped, overcrowded and seemingly growing stuff every time I turn around. It is a small room, I believe its a 10x10 space with aluminum siding and concrete floors. Outside is a maze of hallways, doors and elevators with cameras everywhere. Usually empty of all other human activity. With automatic lights that turn off if you don't make some sort of movement in the hallway every 5 minutes. The result is me doing a seizure like movement to get them to kick on.

I was in there today, organizing stuff that will be needed for this weekend's Run Like the Wind Running Festival. To navigate inside this small cage is precarious, at best. There is often times I find myself climbing over delineator posts, one foot in a garbage can, one foot on the Volunteer Check In box to reach that one small box way over there. That was the case today. Every time we have a race we have a crew of great people working for us that all help to unload the truck and we are usually incredibly tired, which means a lot of throwing it in and dealing with it later, which results in a lot of searching for items when needed. That was the case today.

I was searching for the cash box (still haven't found it, had to order another one. Thank god for Amazon Prime!) and I was leaning over a box that happened to not have a lid on it. It just so happened that there was other human activity on the floor. Usually I am all by myself up there, sort of spooky. I gently leaned over, put a hand on what I thought was a box with a lid, my hand went inside the box and pressed the button of the air horn we use to start races.


That thing is loud, meant to get the attention of a boat over miles of open water. I almost peed my pants as it reverberated around this aluminum cage. These things were not meant to be deployed inside, let alone inside a storage unit, unbeknownst to the user. I can only imagine what the guy down the hallway must have been thinking.

Use this device to make a race director almost pee her pants! 

Monday, April 13, 2015

Hazards of living with a Race Director

I have often times found myself feeling sorry for my husband who has to live with a Race Director. Races take a lot of stuff and the stuff sometimes takes over the whole house. I try to contain it to the office, but during race weeks it usually spills over to the living room, which quickly starts to resemble a storage unit. Sometimes there is bag stuffing in front of the TV, sometimes there are laminated signs strewn across the dining room table and bibs hiding under couches. Good thing he is so tolerant. If it were the other way around, if his stuff was taking over our house, I probably would not be so nice.

These events have a lot of people who need a lot of stuff. Food, bibs, prizes, flyers, posters, goody bags, giveaways.... and the most insidious of all...the safety pin! The safety pin has a tendency to escape from any container that you might try to use to contain it. How do these little buggers end up on the floor of the kitchen, or in the couch cushions, or pretty much in any crevice it can find? It is one of life's mysteries, sort of like socks that go missing from the laundry. In fact, I have found safety pins in the dryer before. Maybe there is a safety pin and missing sock coalition forming in there? Just be careful when sitting down on a couch or a chair in my house, you might get poked with one of these guys.

Sorry honey, I love you and thank you for living with this Race Director!