Wednesday, February 5, 2014

For the love of interns!

Nothing like a good intern to make you feel old and out of it!

We recently hired a UW School of Communications intern for some of our ancillary marketing and community outreach jobs, like putting together registration parties and writing press releases and working with running groups. But most importantly to handle our social media. Fiona is amazing!

I am the first to admit that I am a late adopter of technology, some might even call me a dinosaur. I only got on Facebook a couple of years ago, with a very twisted arm, still have no idea what the purpose of Twitter is and that is about the only social media I even know about.

So, eagerly, our intern took over some of the admin's on these accounts and has been doing great things with them. She started an instagram page and has done more tweeting in the last week than I managed to do in my whole life.

We were in a meeting the other day with a crowd-funding website we are using for Good Karma 5K called Projekt Karma and Fiona asked if we should post this to "^!%S(!))#@" or something! I looked at her funny and said "Huh!?" She said it again, "^!%S(!))#@". I told her I had never even heard of this thing she was talking about. I think it was Mobli? Or some other thing. I really cannot even remember.

Then later I was tinkering around with our new email software program and there was a button on linking your E Newsletter with your various social media outlets and I clicked on this link and it took me to a screen that just boggled my mind.

Do you see how many icons that is!? What are they all for? What does it all mean!? Help, I am drowning in them! 

I remember, back in my day, when all you needed was a good poster to get your event some attention! God, I feel old! Thank you Fiona for keeping me young and for getting us all those new participants! 

Anyone have a suggestion on any social media sites you would like to see us on? Fiona would be happy to set them up!!