Wednesday, October 22, 2014

If I am in jail...

If I am in jail you will know it was because I was stalking the UPS lady! This is the life of a race director, I suppose, at least this race director.

We recently moved our office. Apparently some of our vendors did not get that memo as they have still been delivering packages to our old address. Run Scared 5K is coming up this Sunday and I get a little anxious about items like these arriving in time. It is a fine balance between ordering too early and having your numbers be way off (either way to many and you end up storing them for all eternity, I think we still have shirts from our first year of some of these events. Or, not ordering enough thus making your participants angry).

So, when I looked online a couple of days ago it had said my boxes had been delivered, but no boxes appeared. I dug a little further and realized they were using my old address. Luckily I am friends with someone else in the building and she looked around and could not find them. The next day she texted me saying my boxes had arrived.

Thrilled I made the trek down to Seattle to pick them up. But alas, only 2 out 7 boxes had arrived. I did some errands around Seattle and stopped back by when behold, I saw the UPS truck, just up the street. She was delivering something to the next building up the hill. I had a feeling that my boxes were on that truck. So, like a stalker, I pulled in across the street, slunk down in my car and watched and waited.

Sure enough, she started unloading the boxes onto a hand truck. I jumped out, waved her down and asked if they were for Run For Good Racing. She was surprised, said yes, how did I know! I gave her a creepy smile and led her to my car.

All boxes now arrived and the hats look great! With even a few days to spare!


Let's just hope she doesn't press charges!