Friday, May 13, 2016

Perks of the job

I am both a mug girl and a loyal customer and for both of these reasons I was rewarded by the universe with my new favorite mug from one of my favorite race day vendors! Of course I am friends with Honey Bucket on Facebook and of course I enter in their monthly contest to win this awesome mug and of course I never win it. The odds are slightly better than winning the lottery but I am still always up against hundreds of entries. As I was confirming our last event order I told my contact there that I have never won and then this arrived yesterday! It was wrapped in layers and layers of bubble wrap, nestled in a box, like a precious jewel. The only thing that would have made it better would have been if it was painted the iconic blue on the inside, mimicking the solution inside the real toilets. 

I cannot wait to casually bring this out for my next family gathering! 

Thank you Honey Bucket for my new favorite mug and most of all thank you for being a great vendor, always having our back and always having a sense of humor. I know our runners appreciate your services and our events would be a lot crappier without you (pun intended)!

I guess there are a few perks of being a race director. This mug and jars and jars of leftover peanut butter in my cupboard are amongst the top. 

Meanwhile, if you are interested in learning more about portable toilets, and who doesn't, here is a fantastic article about portable toilets as they relate to the race industry.