Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Never Mix Business with Pleasure?

That is how the old phrase goes, right? Well, it seems to be the opposite for my company. I have found the people I love and trust the most are helping me through this start-up time with the utmost of generosity, care and love.

Perhaps I have only worked with friends and family on these races because I can't yet afford to pay anyone but I think even if I could hire other people I would still hire them.

After all, they have my best interest in mind.

My best friend is in charge of all the food, I run all my ideas by my mom and dad, my friend and former co-worker does my websites, my other friend does my graphic works, the one I love is my right hand man and is one of my logo masters, my running buddy comes up with all the fun names and scores of people advise me one way or the other or volunteer at the races or hand out fliers, or keep our Facebook page alive and well, or take the photos, or supply me with tables and tents, or load the truck, or keep me sane, or.......

I say, surround yourself with the ones you love and things will be good!

Thank you to all that have helped so far! You are all amazing and I wouldn't have it any other way!