Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Useless race stuff - bibs, medals and more

We here at Run For Good Racing try to be a little bit green but it is a hard task. Races produce a lot of useless materials. Everything from plastic bottles, to shirts people just donate back to Goodwill, to medals and race bibs. Some of these items are hard to just do away with. You need your bibs for timing purposes, photo identification and safety. The material most used for race bibs is Tyvek, a nearly indestructible material that can be recycled, but it is a pain. You have to pay to have it recycled and send it off to a special company to handle it.

So, what to do with all this useless race material?

Well, here is an idea - make wall paper out of them. Hang them together with their own safety pins and hang them down like curtains. They are usually very colorful and make for a great conversation piece, a sure way to impress your visitors, and you can see your entire race history every time you walk down the hall. It is so satisfying to complete one row and start on another. As a race director I not only put the races I have personally finished but also all the races I have directed as well.

What do you do with your useless race stuff?

I have seen quilts made out of old shirts, coasters made out of race bibs, special hangers for medals, I even recently saw a very cute apron made out of race shirts.

Here is what I do with my medals. I have so many of them now that they are on 3 different door knobs and they provide a nice clangy sound every time I open the doors.

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