Thursday, July 11, 2013

Reading Materials of a Race Director

I am about to admit something very personal here - I have reading materials in my bathroom, that is right, mostly magazines and catalogs, like a lot of you, admit it! You might be interested to know that Race Director's reading materials might differ from yours. At least this race director's.

There are the typical running magazines, both national and local. One would expect that.

The interesting thing is the catalogs. I get all sorts of things sent to me. From promotional items catalogs, to safety equipment catalogs, party supply catalogs, and probably one of my favorites is Harbor Freight Tools. I do not know why I love that place so much. Perhaps I fantasize about one day organizing events that are worthy of heavy equipment. I do drool over the shiny brand new cones (if you read below, I sort of have a cone obsession) and the bright orange vests that I dream my volunteers will wear one day! I look at new sorts of items to give out on race day, would you be interested in getting a calculator with a Run Scared 5K logo? Yeah, probably not.

These catalogs are a time suck, but they do make for a great bathroom read! There you have it, personal habits of a race director revealed!

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