Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Damn you nice weather!

I have what some would call a "reload" problem. If you read this blog you know that I have an obsessive personality when it comes to checking emails, especially when we have just sent out a big email blast, or posted something on Facebook.

I get an email every time someone registers. Its a good way for me to tell what marketing is working, what is not, what the trends are and which neighborhoods people are registering from.

I have this theory about the weather. One would think that on a nice sunny day one would imagine oneself running a glorious race, crossing the finish line in a sunny park, blue skies gleaming down on your accomplishments. Then why is it that not a lot of people are registering on days like this? It has been gorgeous here in Seattle and registrations have slowed down for a couple of our races. It always boggles my mind when we get a ton of sign ups on the most rainy nasty cold Seattle days. Who would think about running on those days?

Well if you are from here you know that Seattleites do not stay indoors on sunny days, it just does not happen. You see happy people walking on the streets in their flip flops and shorts, lounging in parks and happily biking and running down trails. People are not sitting on their computers thinking about race registrations.

So, I say, damn you nice weather! Please let it be gray and rainy for a couple of days so people are forced inside to browse through race calendars and sign up for our awesome races! But, then, please be nice and sunny, but not too hot, on race day!!!

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