Thursday, August 1, 2013

Run me to the moon!

Some people aspire to run in all 50 states, or even on every continent. While that is an admirable goal, it ain't nothing! How about a space station!? That is right, our race bibs were sent to space! How cool. 

The story is a friend of a friend emailed me, she was part of a project  put on by NASA and UW and she was looking for extra left over race bibs. I said sure, not really knowing what they needed them for, but I assumed it was for something cool.  We had extra Run Like The Wind bibs and we dug them out of storage and handed them off. 

Only later did I get this patch in the mail and was informed that our humble bibs were part of some grand experiment in space! I will be honest, I am no science and math wiz so I really had no idea what she was talking about, but it had something to do with tracking bodies as they moved through zero gravity and something to do with velocity or some such thing. All I know is that our race bibs were in space and we got this cool patch to prove it. 

So, next time you are thinking about running each state, just remember, we have already been to the moon! 

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