Friday, June 28, 2013

Dreams of a race director

You know you are an obsessive race director when...

I have had race dreams many times, most are anxious nightmares, usually right before an event. Things like I have told everyone the wrong date and nobody is there except for participants, or I can't get to the race start and everything I do is preventing me from getting there. But, last night was a bit much.

In my dream I was organizing a marathon. A marathon with only one person, a fast woman. As I was walking the course in the morning, I realized that the course was marked with faint chalk. I happened to have a highlighter built into my shoes (dreams, right!?), and quickly realized that this was just the thing I needed to mark the course. I went along until time was running out and I had to get to the start. I ran over there (the start happened to be at my childhood home in Seward Park) only to realize that only half the course had been marked. I sent her off on her marathon start and ran back out to the course hoping to beat her to a couple of tricky turns so she wouldn't get lost.

As I am out there I realized that it was getting very very hot and that I had completely forgotten any aid stations for her. I panicked.

And then....I woke up!

As I lay there I realized the reality and that this nightmare was not actually happening. But, as a concerned race director I really truly tried to fall back asleep quickly so I could get back into the dream to get her hydrated. I still don't know if I ever got to her in time. I hope she is OK in the heat!

You know you are an obsessive race director when....

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