Sunday, April 3, 2011

Funny Mail

It's funny what happens to your mail when you open up a business. I used to get the usual host of catalogs; Eddie Bauer; Title Nine; Road Runner.... Now I have seen a subtle shift, a shift that is making me question what I have gotten into. Not only do I get the normal business junk mail like offers for credit cards, catalogs for business checks or medical insurance solicitations, but now I seem to have attracted some pretty strange stuff.

The other day I got a Uline catalog. Do you know Uline!? You should! It was a thrilling 300 pages filled with mailing supplies, tapes, scales, special UV wrap, protective suits, pallets and all manner of strange looking metal supplies.

Yesterday I received a catalog for medals and awards. Now, as a race director this is some really riveting reading. It opened up my eyes to the costs of cheesy crystal awards and cheap metals and pins. I envisioned the race logos on all the items. What more could a race director ask for!?

It makes opening the mail everyday a thrill rather than a dread bore of more and more bills. So, the upshot? If you want interesting mail become a race director!

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